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Official opening
10.00 — 10.30
Program overview
10.30 — 10.40
Forest Kindergarten
Speaker: Sarah Lawfull
10.40 — 11.50
Interactive break
11.50 — 12.10
12.10 — 12.45
Plan and adventure: how to make sure that children "do not interfere with solving pedagogical problems"
Speakers: Elena Yudina, Elena Bodrova
12.45 — 14.15
Interactive break
14.15 — 14.30
14.30 — 15.00
Innovative models of early childhood education
Speaker: Ms. Natalia Amelina
15.00 — 15.20
1 June
Program overview
09.00 — 09.05
Why should a teacher interact with a family, and a family with a kindergarten? - the discussion will help to see what potential such cooperation brings, for whom and why

Moderator: Anastasia Shlemko
Speakers: Alexander Kolmanovsky, Ekaterina Rybakova, Teacher Tom, Olga Pisarik, Jacob Kruse
09.20 — 10.20
Interactive break
10.20 — 10.40
The secret of world's best kindergarten
Speaher: Mr. Sekiichi Kato
10.45 — 12.15
Interactive break
12.15 — 12.30
12.30 — 12.45
Exercise with parents
Speakers: S. V. Plakhotnikov, S. V. Reutskiy
12.45 — 14.15
Interactive break
14.15 — 14.30
14.30 — 14.45
Discussion about conflict - what is behind this concept, how to react to disagreements between children, between parents, between teachers

Moderator: Olga Volosovets
Speakers: Victoria Chal-Boryu, Duygu Yaşar Adiloğlu, Dina Dianova, Maria Piotrovskaya, Aljosa Rudas
14.45 — 16.00
2 June
The Forest Kindergarten is a long-term program that offers holistic development of a child through play, research and risk-taking happening outdoors. In addition to the love of nature, kids develop creativity, self-confidence, independence and self-esteem as they learn through hands-on experiences in a natural environment.
In this Best Kindergarten, according to UNESCO, it is believed that when children have the opportunity to develop according to "See. Touch. Feel. Think, and Act" principle, this can create conditions for their future success. The kindergarten's Principal will tell you how this is implemented in practice and how everything works in Fuji.
Modern technology that helps solve the problem of lack of movement, play, communication with other children, unjustified protection of kids from encountering difficulties.
We are passionate for knowledge by nature. And this is especially manifested in childhood, when the world around seems huge and unknown. But standardized methods make learning a duty and kill interest. The RYBAKOV PROKIDS program is an attempt to make the pedagogical process individual and exciting for every person.
15.20 — 15.30
15.30 — 17.00
Cinema club - watching the video about preschool education and discussion where there is place for different focus, different opinions, different views

Moderator: Olga Shiyan
Speakers: Anastasia Kislitsyna, Evgeny Krasheninnikov, Igor Shiyan, Natalia Shadrina, Natalia Ryzhova
10.40 — 10.45
09.05 — 09.20
Igor Rybakov - Opening of the 2nd day of the conference