1–2 June 2023
University of Childhood:
This conference is for those who are interested in the best world experience in ECD education and who are ready to learn, communicate and grow professionally
How do you think a child sees the world?

We adults are used to dividing and systematizing the world. To get the illusion of control, we create sort of a library catalog in our heads with a lot of boxes, each of which has a label: good/bad, humanitarian/mathematical, safe/scary, beautiful/ugly, natural/artificial.
Dear friends!
So what is the organic way for us to introduce the child to the world, a way that does not break his whole picture? Probably, it is necessary to learn from children to accept the world in its fullness!

We are building the conference program on contrasts in order to "shake", question our habitual thinking — and reassemble it. We will show you how to combine the natural and artificial in the educational process. And how to use new technologies to scale a person's creative potential.

I wish you to get the most of these two productive days, feel the joy of discovery and get inspired!
Ekaterina Rybakova,
co-founder and President of the Rybakov Foundation and the University of Childhood Foundation
Children, however, perceive the world as something whole, indivisible. In the eyes of a child, nature coexists with artificial and multifaceted achievements of progress.
All events are held in English and Russian simultaneously. The time of the events is indicated in Moscow time (GMT+3)
Grand opening of the conference
10:00 — 10:20
Co-founder and Chairman of the Rybakov Foundation
Ekaterina Rybakova
Founder of the University of Childhood Foundation, co-founder of the Rybakov Foundation
Director of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education
Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Education
Program of the Day
10:20 — 10:30
11:30 — 11:35
Get your spoon for lunch!
Eating Culture and cooking in kindergardens — Is it possible? Yes! At the conference we will learn about the amazing experience of colleagues from kindergartens "Zhuravushka" (Krasnoyarsk), "Play School" (Moscow) and Waldorf kindergarten The Island School of Limassol (Cyprus). Together with expert nutritionist Irina Nikulina, in the studio we'll be talking about the reasons for fostering a culture of food and healthy eating habits in children.
11:35 — 13:00
Inna Nichik
teacher RYBAKOV PLAYSCHOOL Salaryevo
Anastasia Bogdanova
teacher RYBAKOV PLAYSCHOOL Salaryevo
Elena Ralyuk
Head of Structural Subdivision, Zhuravushka Kindergarten, MAOU KUG Univers 1
Irina Afanasyeva
Educator Zhuravushka Kindergarten, MAOU KUG Univers 1
Elena Arzamasova
Educator Zhuravushka Kindergarten, MAOU KUG Univers 1
Taniia Strauss
Waldorf Pedagogical Director, The Island School of Limassol
Irina Nikulina
therapist, nutritionist. Graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Head of the Integrative Health Technologies Department in AST (Academy of Social Technologies), leading expert in "Culture of Health" independent non-profit organization
Ekaterina Voronkina
methodist RYBAKOV PLAYSCHOOL Salaryevo
13:00 — 13:30
Preschool Education in Brazil: Environment, Relations, Play
13:30 — 14:50
ZoIa Prestes
Professor of the Federal University of Fluminense (cities of Niteroi and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences
Dianne Prestes Reis
teacher, preschool educator and at the moment — coordinator of pedagogical work at the Gaviao Preschool Education Center
Nicole Foerth de Araujo Fernandes
Doctor of Science, teacher, preschool educator at the Zilda Arns Neumann Center for Children's Development (Florianopolis City, Santa Catarina State)
Regiane Aparecida de Oliveira Faria
Teacher of preschool education, inspector of the Zilda Arns Neumann Center for Children's Development (Florianopolis, Santa Catarina State)
14:50 — 15:15
15:15 — 16:30
If on the Way with your Friend
We will see how exciting walks with children can be with the help of educators and children of the kindergarten in A. N. Tubelsky School of Self-Determination and "Talantville". Also, in the studio, speakers will share how to solve educational issues on a walk.
Anastasia Fastunova
ICU Certified Coach, psychologist at Talantville
Alexandra Andreevna Preobrazhenskaya
kindergarten educator at A.N.Tubelsky School of Self-Determination, positive ecotherapist, member of Russian Bird Conservation Union
Nadezhda Viktorovna Pavlova
kindergarten educator of A.N.Tubelsky School of Self-Determination
All events are held in English and Russian simultaneously. The time of the events is indicated in Moscow time (GMT+3)
10:00 — 13:00
Award Ceremony of Big Game "Rybakov School Award" in honor of Lev Vygotsky
As part of the conference, the winners of the Big Game "School of Rybakov Foundation" will be awarded in the sections "Team", "Leader" and "Diagnostics."
The awards will be granted by:

• Artem Soloveichik, Editor-in-Chief of the First September Publishing House;
Ramil Ismagilov, Volunteer of the League Alumni Fund from Almetyevsk;
• Olga Shiyan, Associate Professor of the Educational Programs Directorate in Moscow State Pedagogical University, leading researcher of the Laboratory of Child Development;
• Tatyana Yustus, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of the Univers Gymnasium, Krasnoyarsk;
• Irina Bykadorova, CEO, University of Childhood Foundation;
• Galina Laponova, Executive Director, University of Childhood Foundation.

At the ceremony, world education experts will be discussing why education needs Leaders and when they come up. What kind of a Leader do we need depending on the situation and how radical should leadership be?
Ekaterina Rybakova
Founder of the University of Childhood Foundation, co-founder of the Rybakov Foundation
Igor Rybakov
Co-founder and Chairman of the Rybakov Foundation
CEO, Selo Charitable Foundation
Elena Bocherova
Executive Director of Cyberprotect LLC
13:00 — 14:00
А Small Model of a Perfect World
Klimenko Ilona Aleksandrovna
Head of Point of the Future Kindergarten, private educational institution
Lyutkevich Svetlana Sergeevna
Methodologist of the Point of Future Center for Professional Development, private educational institution
14:00 — 14:15
14:15 — 14:45
Mind Games
Elena Bodrova
Ph.D, co-author of PROchildren Pre-School Education Program, creator of the "Tools of the Mind" education system, noted by UNESCO, the co-founder, director of "Tools of the Mind" strategic initiatives, international researcher in the field of pre-school education (USA)
What do the executive functions control? What can be measured in preschoolers to predict future health and success, and what shall we do if the rates turn out to be low? And what is the game about here, and when are gadgets a bad replacement for dolls?
We'll look into amazing (and not so) facts about brain development and how this development can be influenced.
14:45 — 15:00
15:00 — 16:00
New Technologies: Understand it or Leave it?
During the discussion, we will highlight risks arising when new technologies pop up, and our attitude towards these risks. TV, calculator, metaverse, ChatGPT - the world is changing faster and faster, we have to decide whether to let new items into our lives or abandon new ideas in favor of the usual. Experts will discuss if new emerging professions related to technological innovations affect early childhood educational programs.
Natalia Amelina
Senior National Project Officer in Education, UNESCO IITE
President and Founder, Athena Fund (Israel)
CEO, Roger Federer Foundation (Swiss)
Janine Händel
Elena Bodrova
Ph.D, co-author of PROdetey Pre-School Education Program, co-founder, director of "Tools of the Mind" strategic initiatives
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Programme Committee
Irina BykAdorova
CEO, "The University of Childhood" Foundation
Natalia Amelina
Senior National Specialist in Education Projects of UNESCO IITE
Irina BykAdorova
Galina Laponova
Development Director
Elena Golovacheva
PR partnership
Ekaterina Gavrilova
GR partnership
Polina Sheina
Technical Manager
Vlada Kholodnykh
Project Manager